Paul Stubbs: Socialist Yugoslavia, Decoloniality and the Non-Aligned Movement (Vortrag und Diskussion)

18:00 - 20:00

The Non-Aligned Movement offered alternatives not only to East-West conflicts in the context of the Cold War but, also, expressed the hopes of a world emerging from colonial domination of the South by the North. This presentation treats the Non-Aligned Movement as, both, a top-down, inter-state, initiative, on the one hand, and as allowing for the creation of relatively autonomous spaces for meaningful transnational exchanges in the realms of art and culture, architecture, science, education, and industry, on the other.

Dr Paul Stubbs is a Liverpool-born sociologist who has lived and worked in Zagreb for 30 years. His work focuses on policy translation, international actors and social policy, left-green municipalisms, and the history of socialist Yugoslavia. He edited the book Socialist Yugoslavia and the Non-Aligned Movement: social, cultural, political and economic imaginaries (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2023). He was part of a Slovenian-Croatian team working on a research project Models and practices of global cultural exchange and the Non-Aligned Movement. He is currently working on a study of the New International Economic Order to be published by Routledge.

Moderation: Jun. Prof. Dr. Željana Tunić

Wo: Seminarraum 1, Adam-Kuckhoff-Str.35, Halle

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